5.10.2008: new products in fall 2008, Amiwest, holidays

Indivision AGA successfully introduced
After delivery of Indivision AGA has started about one week late this september, all units of the first production are already shipped to our resellers. We were prepared for a good demand, but are still surprised about the extremely high demand for a 24-bit flickerfixer. A second production run has already been started and it will be available in november of this year. Since our trade partners all have stock at this point, we don't expect a shortage in the coming weeks.
One feature that many customers are pleased about is the HighGFX support of Indivision AGA. With the new flash update V1.2alpha, we're extending screenmodes to true HD720 widescreen-resolutions with up to 1280x720 pixels, displayed with more than 60Hz refresh rate. Special thanks goes to André "Ratte" Pfeiffer, who adapted his HighGFX package especially for Indivision AGA.

Download: HighGFX V40.6
Download Indivision Flash update V1.2alpha: Indivision_Config_V099.lha

Flickerfixer for the C64
On september 13th, we have announced our new product for the C64 at Back In Time Live in Stockholm, Sweden. We have worked on this product for the past two years together with developer Peter Wendrich. The result is an extremely user-friendly cartridge that can be used without opening the computer. It is just plugged to the expansion port of the C64. Technical data in short:
  • VGA-output with 60Hz refresh rate or more
  • Turbo-function with full 6510-processor compatibility
  • cycle-exact REU (memory expansion) with 16MByte ram
  • MMC/SD card slot with MMC64 compatibility and 1541-emulation
  • connector for PC-keyboard
  • built-in help function "the book" with 16MByte flash
  • freezer (compatible with Retro Replay)
  • bright yellow case with blue buttons
Chameleon will presumably be available in the first quarter of 2009. The price will be about 220,- EUR including German sales tax of 19%.

Micromys V3 available in november
The mouse-adapter Micromys V3 that we have already announced in december 2007 will finally be available in november of this year. We're proud to say that star-programmer Chris Hodges of Poseidon fame will be writing the Amiga-wheel drivers. His publications for the Amiga made him an excellent reputation in the Amiga market. He is filling a gap that Michael Schöttner has left after he could not start working for us because of family reasons.
Another reason for the delay was the case: We could not find a vendor for a long time, but finally found someone who is willing to do the small quantities that we require. The picture below shows a first prototype that will be revised for mass-production. We decided to make a model with a cable in order to deal with space constraints on every desk. This design will allow installation on every narrow desk, even when a bulky USB-PS2 adapter is used.
Micromys V3 prototype on Amiga 4000

Catweasel MK4plus available
The Catweasel MK4plus is available starting today. It replaces the Catweasel MK4, which has been sold out earlier this year. The main changes are cosmetic, and we have followed customer feedback in some places. The one easily visible change is that the new card is no longer low-profile PCI compliant. This feature of the old Catweasel MK4 was rarely used by our customers, so we decided to use the increased space for a better arrangement of the two SID sockets. These are more easily accessible now. Additional filters in the audio part are geared towards filtering noise from high-performance graphics cards and low-quality power supplies. Another novelty is the external audio jack and an angled internal audio connector for better accessibility. The Catweasel MK4plus is delivered only with an English manual at first, a German translation will be made available in november of this year. Catweasel MK4plus with SIDs installed
picture shows extras. Unit is delivered without SID-Chips.

Lyra 2: Keybaord adapter with new functions
We've been delivering the keyboard adapter Lyra for eight years now. It allows connecting PC-keyboards to Amiga computers. We're now delivering a new version called Lyra 2 that implements a few new features requested by our customers. Lyra 2 supports small-size keyboards without a numeric keypad, and multimedia-keyboards can be used with Guido Mersmann's tool MMKeyboard.The Amiga 1200 version now supports Amiga keyboards as well. The online manual gives an overview over the new functions. Just like the Catweasel manual, this manual is also available in English at this point. A German translation will be made available in november of this year. Lyra 2 is available from our trade partners starting today.

C-One goes Amiga
The FPGA-based computer C-One is ageing. Despite that, it marks a milestone in computer history, because it's the world's first computer that is purely based on programmable logic chips that can re-program each other while the machine is running. In november of this year, we'll be providing an extension card that quadruples the FPGA space of the C-One. The board then has anough resources to run the "Minimig" core. C-One pioneer and FPGA-developer Tobias Gubener has invented a very special solution for his version of Minimig for the C-One: Not one, but two 68000-compatble processors are working in the FPGA extender. One of them does the job of the PIC controller on Dennis van Weeren's Minimig board, and the other replaces the physical 68000 CPU of the Minimig board.
If you already own a C-One board, the extender can be bought for 99,- EUR from us. New boards are only delivered with the extender for a bundle-price of 333,- EUR. If you are interested in purchasing the extender only, please contact us in the coming weeks, so we can get an estimate of the required quantities.
C-One FPGA extender
image shows the prototype. Mass-produced version is slightly bigger and has two crystals.

Individual Computers sponsors Amiwest
On october 17th and 18th, the yearly Amiga-show "Amiwest" takes place in Sacramento, California. We don't only exhibit there, but also co-sponsor the show. Together with our retail partner AmigaKit from England, we provide enough money to grant free admission to the show. Tickets for the banquet on saturday evening are 29,- US Dollars each. Up-to-date information about the show can be found in the show blog.

holidays until october 27th
We're on holidays starting from october 6th until october 27th. Please understand that only limited eMail support can be provided during that time. Unfortunately, Vesalia is also closed for fall holidays at the moment, so the newly available products are not yet listed in their webshop. However, orders can be placed and processed.

All prices are recommended retail prices and include the German sales tax of 19%. Prices at our retail partners may vary. For mail ordering, shipping may be added.

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